Coaching Skills for Leaders

Course Details

The Coaching Skills for Leaders session will explore the concept of coaching, provide you with a framework in which to hold effective ‘coaching conversations’ as well as practical experience. The overall intention is to support you to have meaningful conversations that encourage people to own issues, make decisions and be both responsible and accountable for the outcomes.


You will:


  • Understand what is meant by a coaching approach and the impact it can have on individuals and organisations
  • Understand how and where coaching fits within the Trust strategic plans
  • Know more about key coaching skills such as: active listening, empathy, asking open questions, giving effective feedback
  • Be more aware of the psychological aspects of a coaching approach
  • Have experienced and practised using these key coaching skills


27/03/201809.30-16.00Education and Training Centre
09/05/201809.30-16.00Education and Training Centre

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Greater appreciation of Coaching as a valuable leadership approach
  • Increased confidence in holding coaching conversations
  • Utilise coaching effectively to help staff make and own decisions





How to Book

This course can now be booked via Manager’s self-service. For information on how to do this, please click here.


To book contact the Education and Training Centre Admin Team via: