Fire Warden Training

Course Details

This is a 1 hour 45 minutes course which includes:


  • Formal presentation & power point tutorials
  • Case Study – fatal fire in a care home
  • Fire evacuation video
  • Live fire training – use of extinguisher / fire blanket


19/12/201713.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
16/01/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
20/02/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
20/03/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
17/04/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
15/05/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
19/06/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
17/07/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
21/08/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
18/09/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
16/10/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
20/11/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room
18/12/201813.30-15.15Diabetes Seminar Room

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Legal requirements
  • Role of the fire warden
  • Fire evacuation
  • Fire prevention
  • Practical equipment handling
  • False alarm awareness




Please note there will be a £50 charge for the department for non-attendance of the nominee.


How to book

This can be booked via ESR Self-Service. For information on how to do this, please click here.


If you can’t access your ESR Self-Service contact you Line Manager or call ext. 5318.