IV Opiate Training

Course Details

The session includes the following topics :


  • Importance of pain management
  • Pain assessment
  • Pharmacology of opiates/opioids
  • Policy for administration of a bolus dose of intravenous opiate/opioid for pain relief in adults


06/02/201813.00-14.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3
03/04/201813.00-14.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3
05/06/201813.00-14.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3
31/07/201813.00-14.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3
04/09/201813.00-14.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3
06/11/201813.00-15.00Diabetes Seminar room, OPD3

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to apply the knowledge gained to practice and complete the competency assessment for the administration of intravenous opioids/opiates in adults in their ward/department setting.



How to Book

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