Mentorship Update Workshops

Course Details

The aim of the workshop is to update practitioners on changes within education, provide development for mentors and assessors, and promote discussion on the management of any issues relating to learning and assessment in practice.


16/1/201909.00-10:30Education and Training Centre
06/2/201914:00-15:30Education and Training Centre
05/03/201913.00-14:30Education and Training Centre
18/04/201909.00-10:30Education and Training Centre
01/05/201914:00-15.30Education and Training Centre
20/06/201909.00-10:30Education and Training Centre
10/07/201913.00-14.30Education and Training Centre
13/08/201914:00-15:30Education and Training Centre
11/09/201913.00-14:30Education and Training Centre
10/10/201909.00-10:30Education and Training Centre
13/11/201914:00-15:30Education and Training Centre
02/12/201913.00-14:30Education and Training Centre

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Debate the professional and legal responsibilities to support learning and assessment in practice
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities in supporting learning and assessment in practice
  • Debate the application of assessment strategies and approved assessment processes
  • Participate in group discussion to critically reflect on learning and assessment in practice





How to Book

To book contact The Education and Training Admin Team via email: or ext. 5844.