Safeguarding Children Training – Group 3

Course Details

This course is aimed at all Paediatric staff, Maternity services staff, AED staff, NNU staff, Consultants, SHO’s, SPR’s, Midwives, Maternity support workers, Nurses, Nursery Nurses, HCA’s, Neonatal assistants, Children’s play staff and Therapies staff.


Group 3 (multi disciplinary) consists of the completion of the CBT module 3 yearly and an annual taught session (update) from the safeguarding children team.


04/01/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
15/02/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
07/03/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
05/04/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
15/05/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
13/06/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
05/07/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
08/08/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
26/09/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
04/10/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
08/11/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre
05/12/201809.30-12.00Education and Training Centre

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Continued and enhanced knowledge of all safeguarding children issues, ability to recognise and report suspected child abuse and to act on concerns at all levels, know who to contact and how to act on concerns, referral processes.
  • Increased knowledge of domestic abuse issues and the link to safeguarding children concerns.





How to Book

This course can now be booked via Manager’s self-service. For information on how to do this, please click here.


If you cannot access Manager’s Self-Service, please email: or call ext. 5844.