Preceptorship Programme

Our six month programme will prepare you for the transition from student to newly qualified nurse. There are several mandated courses, some of which are listed below and your learning can be tracked through our new Preceptorship portfolio. The portfolio in its current form inspires experiential learning, provides a structured format enabling the team to assess performance and benchmark future nurses embarking on the programme. The programme includes a GANTT chart that demonstrates the flow of learning within the programme.


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Staff Nurse Induction

The current programme includes several taught sessions from specialist nurses around the Trust. The programme has been recently enhanced to include an introduction to human factors and ergonomics session, resilience training from our occupational health team and pathophysiology of common conditions taught by our foundation doctors.


Please contact the PDN Team for additional information including dates.


Newly Qualified Forum

The forum allows newly qualified nurses to discuss their experiences as new staff and the challenges they have encountered within a clinical environment. The forum is also suitable for new overseas staff giving them an opportunity to network with their colleagues and share their time as a new to Trust nurse. The Director and Deputy Director of nursing are usually in attendance for this two hour session.


Please contact the PDN Team for additional information including dates.


Preceptee Essential Skills

The course includes practical and interactive Intravenous Drug Administration Session whereby principles are taught through the process of a patient journey. Variable rate infusion training and venepuncture and cannulation have also been added to this course. The evolutionary nature of the content ensures sustainability in reducing patient harm. Additionally the team have recently added a consolidation of learning exercise using turning point equipment; in this session further incidents around common trends in harm are learnt through the use of multiple choice questions.


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Nurse Achiever Ceremony 

The ceremony celebrates the completion of the continued professional development Acorn programme, Preceptorship programme for nurses and the care certificate workbook for nursing assistants. The ceremony which runs over an afternoon includes an inspirational speech from our Director of Nursing. Certificates for completion are awarded by the Director and Deputy Director of Nursing, followed by refreshments. The ceremony also includes achievement awards, nominations are received from ward managers and supporting staff.


Please contact the PDN Team for additional information including dates.